Friday, August 4, 2017

Pang Pong

Every year the company where I work holds a Pang Pong Tournament.  The winners from this location's tournament participate in the big tournament with the other locations' winners.  As I wrote last year, this is an original sport with this company.  Some of my students were participants, while others were there to cheer on members of their departments.  

I'm sorry my photos are blurry, but this is a fast sport, as this YouTube video shows.


  1. What a fun sport and what a great video!

  2. Looks like a fun game with bits of several other sports. The ball seems rubbery in the video which I didn't expect. Are the paddles made by the players or the company provides them?

  3. Now that looks exciting.
    Not as many broken windows I suspect, but still competitive
    and fun.
    Now I know what Pang Pong is.

  4. love watching this game it is so fast xx

  5. I love when companies do stuff like that. We had a snow day once which was lots of fun as well!