Thursday, August 10, 2017

Where do you want to be buried, and who with?

This doesn't have anything to do with stitching or Japan, but I thought it was interesting, so I'm sharing it.  

Prince Henrik, 83, of Denmark, announced that he is not happy that his wife, the Queen, never made him the King and as a result he does not want to be buried next to her.  The Queen has accepted his decision. Queen Margrethe, 77, is to be interred in Roskilde Cathedral.  I don't know where her husband will be buried.

In Denmark, a princess who marries a king or crown prince becomes queen when her husband takes the throne.  Henrik married Queen Margrethe (then crown princess) in 1967. He was later named prince consort, although he made it known that he wanted to be named king consort.  He was born Henri Marie Jean Andre de Laborde de Monpezat, but changed his name to Henrik, converted from Catholicism to Protestantism, and renounced his French citizenship when he married.  The couple has two children.  Last year he retired and renounced his title of prince consort.  He has spent much time since then at his private vineyard in France, although they are still married and offically still live together. 

I guess this unhappiness about his title has been going on for 50 years. I'm kind of embarrassed for him, announcing publicly at age 83 that he doesn't want to be buried next to his wife. I'm a little sad for him, going through life being so unhappy that he was a prince and not a king. Maybe there are other issues too.  Is he any happier now that he has retired, moved to France, and made this announcement?  I don't know.  

Life is short.  I want to focus on making myself happy and not stewing over things I can't change.


  1. I remember reading an article a long time ago that Japanese women who are unhappy in marriage never divorce their husbands due to social stigma. Instead they choose to be buried separately when they die. It's sort of a last rebellion I guess :)

  2. Hi Pamela ,so true my friend,an interesting piece of news,thankyou xx

  3. I had read about this too, from other things I have read he sounds like a womaniserall thru his marriage, so maybe now he has gone off to live his own life. Sad to have spent all those years not being happy, maybe he signed a marriage contract? Who knows. I agree with you, too much time spent stewing over things you can't change is a waste of time. Sometimes it takes a while to realise that though!

  4. yes he is a sad figure, it's so easy to to accuse others for his own unhappiness, take care Jaana

  5. You cannot spend 50 years, rummaging over a big frustration without getting some compensations, which might explain the reason why he stayed, anyway...

    WELL SAID, Pam : life is too short to stew on things you cannot change, especially when those matters are so ridiculous as a "title" !


  6. This is all so crazy. So sad to have this preoccupation that is meaningless. Who do I want to be buried with? Who cares. When the body is gone, the spirit lives on. Dispose of my body in the cheapest way possible. Shed no tears for me. Just remember the good times and how much I loved life.
    xx, Carol

  7. My mum's husband's mother died this week and apparently she also announced she didn't want to be buried with her husband (who died eight years ago), but somewhere closer to where her son and daughter-in-law live. Now they are thinking about re-buring him too (he was cremated so it wouldn't be too difficult). I don't know, the only thing I care about is not leaving to much work behind for the people who have to care about my grave when I'm gone...