Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Vacation

Monday was the last day of the term for me.  Now I have some summer vacation before the next term begins. I love my job, but I am really pleased to have some free time.  I have some solo adventures planned and some get-togethers with friends.  And, of course, I will be stitching.  

I'm sure the time will pass by quickly, but I will try to get the most out of my summer vacation time.  I have some posts planned for a few days when I will be away, then I'll write all about the places I go when I return.  

So, how are you spending your summer vacation (or winter, depending on where you live)? What are your most and least favorite things about August?


  1. I wish you the best for your summer vacation, Pam, and I can't wait reading you and seeing pictures about the places you will visit :D

    As to me, being on retreat now, it seems I'm always on vacations - at least that's what people often think... yet it sometimes feels like I've never been so busy. When your family & friends know you've got plenty of free time, they often jump on the opportunity to use you (which I'm gladly doing, by the way). Anyway, the best part of my free time is now devoted to quilting (will I ever finish all those Ufo's ?). We also enjoy going on short city or seaside trips. Our cottage is in the country side, yet Belgium is a small country and we're only 2 hours ride from Paris, or the North Coast, or The Netherlands, or Germany... we can also reach London by train in 2 hours time. So the choice is wide and we're very Lucky & grateful about that.

    I'd like going to much farther countries, yet hubby hates taking the plane. But i won't complain : treasures are everywhere, aren't they ? Also, I once had my share of "exotism" as I was raised in Africa, where my father used to work as an expat. (So many memories).

    I also love spending time in our little garden, and just watch the changes of seasons. I had such a speedy full time working life (with 4 kids), that I'm now savouring each and every moment.


  2. Lucky you!
    I am having a mini holiday of 3 1/2 days 'free' time when my demented relative is away at Short Stay. Yesterday I spent much of the time giving her room a thorough clean-out. I still have other chores to do daily, so iso chance of going away.

  3. Hi Pamela cant wait to see what adventures you go on,its freezing still where i live so i dont venture too far from the wood heater xx

  4. Vacation for you! That's great to shake things up and plan new adventures.
    I agree with Nadine that vacations can be good whether close or far away or
    small or big.
    Have fun!

  5. In August I love taking my books out and reading in the garden - if there is no heat wave. But the weather forecast is for cool weather, just perfect for me.
    Have a great vacation time, Pamela.

  6. Have a great time...I KNOW you WILL! Summer is the best for me...I love it. Being retired makes every day just about the same as another and I love that too.
    xx, Carol

  7. Have a wonderful break and enjoy. Looking forward to your adventures. August here is cold and today is raining, I will be inside sewing today I think.

  8. Hoping you are enjoying your summer vacation! Looking forward to all the stitching updates and activity reports as I catch up with some blog reading! :D