Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Apartment Toilet

 We live in a third floor walk-up apartment in a building owned by the university.  There are four apartments on each floor, four floors.  When you open the door to the apartment, there is a mud room to change shoes and hang coats.  There are also two doors that look like this:

The door to the left opens into the apartment.  The door to the right opens into a tiny room with the toilet.  Not only is it weird to go out of the apartment to go to the room with the toilet, but the toilet is odd.

When you flush the toilet, the water that fills the tank comes out this little faucet for washing hands.  Ted knew about these toilets, having been in Japan before, but I still think it’s weird. I guess it is a water saver.

There are little instruction signs on a lot of things in the apartment, even the toilet.  It’s a good thing there are pictures on this one because I don’t read Japanese.

We were at a store looking at ceiling lights last week and next to the lights there was a display of electric (heated?) toilet seats. I don't know that I'm ready for  an electric toilet seat.

Snow update:

The parking lot photo in yesterday’s post was taken about 5 am from my kitchen window.  Here is what it looked like a few hours later.

                         The car on the far left did get out later in the day.

Reindeer Progress:

I’ve worked on it a bit more and it is starting to look like something.  I still have a lot more to do.  I thought it needed more color, so I did the scarf in red (DMC 304).

Kudasai, come back tomorrow!

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