Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The American Sized Store

We wanted to go to the store where all Americans in Hokkaido want to shop, in the outskirts of Sapporo, but getting there on public transportation was pretty difficult and we were going to have to walk for miles.  Fortunately for us, two students (Chi and Mayo) live close by the American Sized Store and the driver (Chi) said she could take us there on her way home from school today, then she would take us to the train station to go home.  People here have been incredibly helpful and nice to us here.

After signing up for  a year's membership, 4200 yen, and getting our photo ID’s made, we had American pizza at the Cosco food court.  A huge pizza with five toppings was 1200 yen and self serve coca cola product drinks were only 60 yen. Eating pizza at Cosco sounds strange, but this was really good. We enjoyed our pizza dinner before shopping.

Chi had not been to Cosco before and was amazed at the American sized products and the low prices.  She found a big bag of miniature Snicker bars that she couldn't pass up.  Ted was all about getting cheddar cheese, chocolate, and coffee.  Cheddar cheese isn't otherwise available, Japanese chocolate isn't the same as the dark chocolate he likes, and the coffee is just cheaper at Costco.  What I really wanted was Pine-Sol – and I found a gallon size bottle of it.  Ted thinks this is a year’s worth.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

We brought home some things in our backpacks and Chi is bringing the rest in her car tomorrow.  It was going to be a long walk from the train station if we had to carry it all.  We are ever so grateful for Chi’s help!

It was snowing on our walk home from the train, but not so hard as it was Sunday night and there wasn’t so much accumulated.  That may be because we were coming home at 9 pm instead of hours later.  The snow removal is really 24/7 around here.  This roof was being shoveled off and a big scooping machine and a truck were a block behind to take it away.

I've made a little more progress on the dragon.  I'll try to get a new photo posted tomorrow. 

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