Friday, August 1, 2014

Twelve Months to the Double Nickel - August Edition

I’m going on vacation this month and I want to keep up with my baby steps to better health habits.  I know how easy it is to eat too much when eating out, so my plan for this month is to watch portion sizes. I want to either order smaller meals or to save half of what I order for the next meal. I’m not so good about proper portion sizes when I eat at home, so eating on vacation will be a challenge for me.  Do you have any tips for me on how to eat proper portion sizes and not overeat while on vacation?

Stay tuned and I’ll tell you more about my trip in a few days.


Janie said...

That's not easy for me either. I just mentally draw a line half thru the portion and quit when I get there and quickly ask to have the rest boxed up or sometimes you box it up yourself. Once in a few days I let myself eat a little extra for a reward. It's always a choice but gets a little easier w practice. Do have a good vacation!

Queeniepatch said...

Janie's advice is sound. I usually order the healthiest starter, no main meal or pudding if I want a smaller meal. If you think it is awkward to order so little, just tell a white lie and say you are not feeling too well.
If you want to cut down on calories too, skip wine or sweet soft drinks and order water instead.
I hope you will have a fantastic vacation!