Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to Make a Beaded Edging

I made another little point card holder with pink kimono fabric and a beaded edging.  I have used this beaded edge for Christmas ornaments, an edge on a sweater, a crazy quilt penny purse, and a scissor fob and holder.

I’ve been asked whether it was difficult and how to do it, so I took photos as I went along to post. To start out, anchor the thread (I used Nymo for this) and pick up one bead, stitching back to front.  Next, stitch back up through that same bead.

Next to the first bead, pick up two beads and stitch back to front. Stitch up through the last bead only, making a little triangle of three beads.

Repeat this process – pick up one bead and stitch back up through it, pick up two beads and stich back up through the second.

You can use all the same color, or create patterns by using more than one color.  I am using dark beads for the bottom of the triangle and a lighter bead for the top.  To do this, use color A for the first bead, then color B for the first of the two, color A for the second of the two.

Continue this all the way around.


Queeniepatch said...

What a simple trick to make this stunning beaded edge. As you have shown, it works on all sorts of edges. You do such beautiful work, Pamela.

Renee said...

How clever! What a lovely finish.

MarianneG said...

Very beautiful and simple. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

what size bead did you use for this project

Pamela said...

All of these were done with #11 seed beads.

Renee said...

Pamela, I have wanted to try this beaded edging since I read your post in 2014. This week, I finally found the right project and gathered up my courage. Your tutorial was fantastic and I had a lot of fun with it. Thank you! In case you would like to see it, here is a link to the ornament I beaded following your directions.