Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - a New Project

Even though I have many projects that need work, I started a new project!  I acquired this sampler chart (Martha Ann 1821) when I visited R&R Reproductions/Dyeing to Stitch in August 2011 with the Heritage Needlework Tour (Susan Greening Davis).  I thought it would make a great wallet.  I’m using Waterlilies silk thread and 28 count sand colored linen. Each set of alphabet letters will be a different thread.  The bottom line is cross stitch over one, using one strand of thread.  The rest is over two with two strands.  The difficult part of this is to stitch as charted, with uneven spacing and mistakes!


Another Knot Garden is finished, but it isn't mine!  Wonderful stitching!  Isn't it great how she made it fit into a regular frame so it can be enjoyed?
Head over to Pintangle to see everyone else’s progress on their large projects.


  1. Funny, I'm at the opposite end of the scale. When I post my WIPW contribution tomorrow, it'll be to feature the completion of the last project on hand PLUS the making up into a scatter cushion (pillow) of a previous finish, meaning that my decks are totally clear! Having said that, I have 3 things on hand ready to start....

    Aren't Waterlilies threads glorious? I only have 3 skeins (and I think 2 are in the bag to be e-bayed as I know I won't use them), as they're rather a price, but they are lush!=)

    Your friend's finish is great! That's also something I want to try one day. I need to move to Sapporo quick smart as your stitching group sounds like heaven to me - a language class followed by needlework. What could be better??=)

  2. Your sampler will be lovely.
    That is a good finish for the Knot Garden, well done.

  3. I love those blue shades :) Great progress on it!
    Your friend's Knot Garden looks really beautiful!

  4. A beautiful new project.
    Happy Stitching.

    Greetings, Manuela

  5. So many projects! What a great idea for a wallet.

  6. beautiful work on the sampler. I love the colours. All the best!

  7. Pamela, the threads are gorgeous! Your sampler is off to a beautiful start. The charting does sound like a challenge! And your friend's Knot Garden looks great!

  8. The sampler will be a work of art with all the different styles. You are very quick and have already done a considerable amount of stitching.
    The knot garden looks elegant in its frame. I bet your student is proud of her work.

  9. I was privileged to see this sampler, a bit further on, when I met Pamela last week at Hampton Court while she was over here on a big trip. The photos don't do it justice - those threads are in such wonderful colours.