Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Alphabet Club - C

(For the full story on what this is, check out The Alphabet Club.)

My “C” word is Chisaii, the Japanese adjective meaning small.  I’ve been stitching some miniatures, just in case I ever have a doll house again.  Here are some of my finishes.

Check back on the first Saturday of next month for my “D” word.  You can read about the “C” words of the other participants here. 


Janie said...

I love your collection, I enjoy seeing your additions.

Lin said...

A beautiful collection. xx

Manuela said...

Lovely little collection.
Greetings, Manuela

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I can't imagine working in that tiny scale! Beautiful stitching. I'm off to see what your friends are up to.
xx, Carol

Stitching Noni said...

Wow! I love your tiny stitching :o)
Hugs xx

jocondine said...

Love those miniatures. Addict to doll's house every small work is a dream for me and a nightmare for my eyes. Beautiful stitching. Amicalement. xxx

Brigitte said...

I'm so behind with my blog reading that I only get to read all the Alphbate Club updates today.
Your tiny smalls are all so lovely, and they definitely ARE tiny. But it must be a strain on the eyes, at least on mine, lol.