Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fish in Japan

Ted found this great 3-D map of Japan, showing fish from each area of Japan at one of the local re-sale shops for only 300 yen.

It is really interesting to look at both Japan and the fish.


  1. A most interesting map, not only for what fish can be caught where, but to see how crusted Japan is. A country of mountains!

  2. Wow Pamela I really do find maps so fascinating! And this one is an interesting look at the fish & their regions...

  3. I love maps. Geography was my favorite subject when I was a kid. My grandkids can't believe that there was a class back then that devoted 1 hour a day, everyday, to geography. I always have a map or Atlas on my desk shelf. You'd be surprised how many times I take them out to answer a question. Great find!!