Sunday, April 3, 2016

Matsuyama Castle

I took an overnight trip to Ehime Prefecture on my days off last week.  I spent most of the first day visiting Matsuyama Castle and it was fantastic! It sits high on a hill.  You can take a ropeway tram or individual chairs on a chairlift, or you can walk up, like I did.

The first area (I think it was called the third Bailey) had a charming little tea house where you can eat a sweet and drink a cup of the traditional green powder tea.  

This area has a beautiful garden.

Walking up the path to the castle, there were many twists and turns that had to do with the protection of the castle.

The cherry trees were beautiful and there were many little green birds in them.  I tried getting pictures of them, but they are very quick and hard to photograph.

After the climb up, I took a break and had a sakura cone!

There were signs along the way explaining the construction and the strategic reasons for the way things were build.  It was beautiful and interesting. I had a little picnic lunch before entering the castle itself.  All this and I hadn't even gotten to the castle yet!

Inside, it was a museum with swords and armor you could try on and a drum you could beat.  

This castle has replaced Shuri-jo as my favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed my day here and would visit again in a heart beat.  If you are in Matsuyama, you really need to check it out.


kiwikid said...

What a beautiful place to the cherry blossom.

rosey175 said...

Oh, wow! Shuri-jo is an amazing place to visit so this place must've been phenomenal! The cherry blossoms are beautiful. Did you try on the armor? :)

Pamela said...

I didn't try on the armor. I was by myself, but had I been with someone to help me, I would have.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What a beautiful place! You had perfect weather too. Great pictures to document you visit. So cool that you area visiting the sites around you new home.
xx, Carol