Thursday, July 13, 2017

BBC Documentary Series - The Art of Japanese Life

I have recently discovered a series of programs on YouTube about Japanese Life.  I found these programs interesting and thought you might like to see them too, so I am sharing. 

The Art of Japanese Life - Home

The Art of Japanese Life - Cities

The Art of Japanese Life - Nature  

Handmade in Japan - Kimono

Handmade in Japan - Samurai Sword

If you are at all interested in Japan and Japanese Culture, you will enjoy these programs.


  1. I saw them too - good programs. I wish there were more in the series!

  2. thankyou Pamela i am off to listen to them now xx

  3. Oh, that sounds interesting! I will have to save the links for when I actually have time to watch, but I really want to!

  4. I saw the Handmade in Japan, just yesterday! Very good, I didn't know there was more, I'll watch them, thanks for the info, Pamela.