Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dinner with Friends

My friends and I met for dinner at the National Training Center, but when we arrived at the restaurant, we were told it would be "chotto muzukashi" for us to eat there because the restaurant was reserved for a large group.  Japanese are so polite, they never say "no" outright.  While we couldn't eat there, the employee couldn't tell us that we couldn't eat.  Instead he said it would be a little difficult!  We will go back another time.

We went to my favorite, the Indian restaurant and ended up staying and talking until the restaurant was closing.  I enjoyed our evening and look forward to when we can get together again.


  1. Hi Pamela oh thats very different to our country and it looks like you all had so much fun at the Indian restaurant xx

  2. I bet it would have been 'chotto muzukashii' to stay at the training center's dining room for such a long time.
    I hope you will have many more dinner dates with your friends.

  3. Ah, Japanese Indian naan is so delicious. That looks really good. The use of "chotto" can certainly be confusing sometimes!

  4. Now I want Indian too...that looks delicious!