Saturday, August 24, 2019

Odd Translations and Misspellings

Japan is getting ready for the many tourists who will be visiting the country for next year's Olympics by translating tourist information into English. Some of the translations are rather puzzling for English speakers. 

Here are a couple I recently read on the Japan Today website. "Forgotten Center" was used for the Lost and Found. At a train station, "dwarf" was used for children, and "release place" for ticket machine. 

Some translations can be funny.

At, I found:

This one meant only customers can use the toilet.  

Apparently these little plastic containers can cause a choking hazard.  

Some are spelling mistakes or just plain strange.

At I saw these T-shirts:

Have you seen or heard any funny or strange translations?


White Rose said...

Hi Pamela lol these made me chuckle,yes not sure whether visitors will know what all the signs mean,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

jacaranda said...

Giggle time, they made me laugh. The funniest or strangest sign I saw was in Kentucky USA, “ Tattoos While You Wait” .....

kiwikid said...

These made me laugh Pamela, I think the translator needs your services to get it into understandable English!!

Beth in IL said...

These made me smile!

Jeanie said...

Rick used to call it "Shopping Bag English" with the misspellings! Always fun. Maybe they don't want anyone to eat the children or elderly! I love these!

Leonore Winterer said...

I wanna be a star pig too!