Saturday, April 4, 2020

More Virual Visits, Things To Do at Home, and #KuToo Update

Additional Virtual Visits and things to do at home 

Five US National Parks  

Zoos in Japan

10 of the Most Famous Places 

BBC Nature Program

Exercise with Richard Simmons

Free Stitch Lessons  

M's Canvas House - go to the bottom of the page 

London Embroidery School - Valentino Rose Free Online Class

High Heels after #KuToo Campaign

Japan Airlines flight attendants arrive at San Francisco International Airport on March 13.  Photo: REUTERS/Kate Munsch

After the #KuToo campaign made news, Japan Airlines has decided to allow female flight attendants to wear pants and choose their own footwear (abandoning high heels if they choose) beginning in April. It is the first major Japanese company to make this change after the #KuToo campaign began.


Jeanie said...

Thanks, Pamela!

Mae Travels said...

What a beautiful tour you have given us! Thanks so much! I hope you are avoiding the infection -- good that you didn't see other people at the temple and gardens.

best... mae at

Leonore Winterer said...

Thanks for sharing. The internet really does give us endless opportunity to occupy ourselves during this lockdown!