Sunday, April 19, 2020

Social Distancing in Japan

So far, it doesn't seem that Japan has figured out the social distancing thing like the rest of the world has. Public transportation is crowded, people closely line up outside drug stores waiting to buy masks, grocery stores with narrow aisles are full of people. 

I saw some interesting examples for Japan to understand social distancing on SoraNews24.

Do you have any good examples for determining two meters or six feet?


pandalen said...

those are great! I especially love "1 tatami" and I bet it is the one that draws the clearest picture about the distance for anyone in Japan.

I REALLY hope that something communicates the distance needed and the dire necessity--this is a very scary situation, with so few ways to combat it.

Stay safe, Pam!

Len (south of Seattle)

kiwikid said...

Nothing as interesting as these!! They are are great, I like the 1 tuna apart.

jacaranda said...

Love these. In Melbourne here the trains are empty, maybe a few passengers in each carriage. Same with the trams. I noticed the closeness of people lining close up for a covid test, our daughter works in a hospital, they have been told not to wear masks outside of work, does not help keep it at bay.

Queeniepatch said...

Great! I especially like the tatami measure.
The problem is how to keep apart when you meet someone on a narrow pavement. Should you step out in the street, and be knocked down by a car? In a country with so many crammed places as Japan it IS difficult to keep a distance. Best thing is to stay at home! Stay quilting!

Ann said...

The tuna made me laugh but the bicycles are the easiest for me to visualize. I love all the different ways of calculating distance.

roughterrain crane said...

I like the fourth one, too.
Take care with wearing a mask and washing hands 20 seconds.

Julie said...

I've not been out for 37 days apart from a blood test at the drs. My sin tells me there are large spots on the supermarket floors and you move forward onto the next spot when the person in front moves forward.

Jeanie said...

I love all of these. The bicycle seems a good one to me. We see NOTHING like that.

I read recently about an outbreak in Hokkaido. I hope you are safe and stay well!

Leonore Winterer said...

I love the Beatles one. Not only is it funny, it's also actually useful in real life - just imagine that two more people could easily be walking between you and the person in front of you!