Monday, October 3, 2022

New Regional KitKat Flavor

There have been over 300 regional and seasonal KitKat candy flavors in Japan since 2000. A new regional flavor has just been announced, celebrating a specialty from Ogasawara Town located in Tokyo's Ogasawara island chain. The Ogasawara island chain is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and difficult to get to.  The only way to get there is a 24 hour trip by ship from mainland Japan.

The new KitKat flavor is made with "island lemons" an Ogasawara specialty. The fruit is about one and a half times the size of a regular lemon and has a more rounded shape. Local people in Ogawawara add the juice to shochu (a clear alcohol made in Japan) and call it mizu lemon (lemon water).

Would you like to try this flavor?  Do you have a favorite KitKat flavor? I don't think I have tried a flavor I didn't like. You can check out some of the other flavors on this Wikepedia page.


diamondc said...

Hello Pamela: I must be old fashioned I like just the regular chocolate and crispy wafer candy bar; I have tried the pumpkin and dark chocolate ones and do not like them at all.
Some of the flavors on Wikipedia are amazing to read about like edamame not sure it would taste good to me.

Have a great week.


Vireya said...

I would want to try them all!

The options here are very limited. They occasionally bring out a new flavour just for a short time, but never anything as adventurous as the Japanese range.

Queeniepatch said...

My favourite is and, I am sure, will remain dark chocolate.
I don't really like white chocolate and flavours based on white chocolate. e.g. strawberry, green tea. Therefore this Mizu Lemon Kit-Kat does not sound appetising to me.
I like the idea, though, and think this is a great business strategy.

Jeanie said...

I had no idea KitKat had flavers -- I wonder if they do that here?

Leonore Winterer said...

Those sound yummy, I'd try them for sure!
We had some in Japan that I think were sweet potato flavoured mostly. I didn't care for those too much.

kiwikid said...

I really only like white chocolate, although the new caramilk is very yummy too. Not sure about the lemon flavour or others mentioned here.