Thursday, May 10, 2012

Afghan Progress

I’ve been working on the afghan bouquet and it’s coming along slowly. I’m working in hand and the large size makes it a little hard to hold, but I don’t want any hoop marks.

Okuda San brought us this as omiyage after her trip to Tokyo during Golden Week. It’s flat, decorated, not too sweet cookies. They were almost too pretty to eat.

At the Haruki, I normally only shop the outer rows (vegetables, fish/meat, eggs, milk, bread) because I can’t read what the packages say and don’t know what they are. This was near the checkout lane and looks like pesto, so I bought it.  Would that be your guess, too?


  1. You are brave to buy the "pesto" and what was it really?

  2. Yeah, it looks like a dry pesto mix to me (mix with oil typically, I think, though you can probably Google that). I've gotten US dry pesto mixes before. :)