Monday, May 28, 2012

The After Hanami Party

Ted’s Aikido group held a Hanami party yesterday at a small park near where we live.  It didn’t matter that there were no longer any cherry blossoms.  It was a time to get together to eat and drink and enjoy the company of the others.

We made Oni Tamago (what we call deviled eggs) and walked to the park since no one can be driving after attending a Japanese party.

 It was the birthday of one man so everyone celebrated that too.

At an American cookout, the food is cooked and everyone fills a plate and eats a plate full.  Here meat and vegetables are put on the grill and people pull off the food with chop sticks, eating a little bit at a time all day long.

And don’t forget about the beverages.  It wouldn’t be a party without the beverages – beer, sake, shochu, sparkling wine, and some kind of Siberian alcohol.  Don’t even try to have an empty cup – someone will always be trying to fill it up.

Just in case you are wondering, there are still patches of snow here and there in Hokkaido.  Maybe it will be gone in June -?

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