Monday, May 14, 2012

The King of England

The local library’s selection of books in English is small, but I’ve already found several I’m interested in reading.  I recently checked out and read Royal Feud about the Duchess of York, later the Queen of England, and later still the Queen Mum, and Mrs. Wallis Simpson.  Twice divorced Mrs. Simpson married the older brother of the Duchess of York’s husband who was king and abdicated the throne to marry her. When he abdicated the throne, the Duke of York, who was next in line, became King and the Duchess became Queen. I knew about Mrs. Simpson and her husband who gave up being king to marry her, but I didn’t know all the details before reading this book.

Reading this book made me want to watch the movie, The King’s Speech. We rented the dvd and watched it on the computer.  American movies are in English, just like in the US, and they have the Japanese characters at the bottom. There were several scenes in the movie that were also described in the book I just read. Ted and I don’t usually agree on movies to watch, but we both liked The King’s Speech.

One of the things I love about Japan is how orderly everything is, even the dvd rental!  Look at the little bag that the rental place puts the dvd in.  It has a little clear pocket inside to tell you when the dvd is due.

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