Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hardanger Correspondence Courses

I pulled out a package with these two hardanger correspondence course pieces. Both were designed by Dale Sokolow. As you will see, I chose blue fabric and blue threads.
The first course was called Options…In Hardanger.  I finished the stitching and sent it for critique. When it came back I wanted to make it into a box top or tray, but I couldn’t find anything of the correct size, so here it is – finished but unfinished.

The second course was called More Options…In Hardanger.  I didn’t finish the piece by the deadline, but had enough done that I was still able to send it for critique. I intended to finish it when it came back, but as you can see it was put away unfinished.

I’ve worked hardanger in hand, but these two pieces were both done on stretcher bars. I measured the More Options piece to see what size stretcher bars to put it back on and according to the tack marks, it was 14 x 18.  When I looked at my available stretcher bars, I had neither size!  I must have put the ones that were originally used into other projects.  I have a set of 13’s and pulled a set of 18’s from another project that is kitted up but not started. This is what I plan to work on next.

This little scissor case and fob was another EGA correspondence course in hardanger. I completed this project and have been happily putting it to use. A stitcher can't have too many little toolie things.


  1. Love your hardanger and the scissor fob and keep is so cute!!

  2. beautiful hardanger, and I agree ... a
    stitcher can never have enough tools
    or toolie things.