Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mother-Daughter and Brother-Brother Travel Bags

I made a girly-girl travel bag as a gift for my friend who is moving away and made a matching little bag for her little girl.

The inside of the big bag has two sections, one with a button closure.

I filled the bags with some travel stuff.

I made a little boy bag for the little boy who will be present when I give the gifts to the little girl and her mother, and a second little boy bag for the five year old brother of the little boy.  All of the bags have ribbon drawstring closures.


  1. Fun and clever! They'll put them to good use. So thoughtful, you are.

  2. Oh, these are darling! I was thinking of making a small zip pouch for my purse. One of these might be so much prettier. Thank you for the eye candy and the inspiration!

  3. Lovely gifts and so pretty. xx

  4. Wonderful gifts and the bags are all so beautiful.
    Greetings Manuela

  5. pretty gifts. bags are beautiful.

  6. Lovely bags Pamela and very generous thoughtful gifts.