Friday, July 24, 2015

35 is the New 40

Frequently, I see job advertisements in Japan specifying only people under 40 can apply.  Recently I’ve seen two job listings that require the applicants be 35 or under! 

We, Kamifurano Board of Education, are recruiting an Assistant English Teacher as follows: 
Applicants must:
have a valid residence card or alien card (with Instructor's Visa)
possess at least a Bachelor's degree or equivalent educational training
speak English as his/her first language

be 35 years old or younger

Hokusei Gakuen University Junior College, Department of English
Title of position: Lecturer (専任講師), fulltime

Under 35 years of age (regardless of experience) and the willingness to continue employment for a long period of time with a focus on professional development (The age limit is set relative to regulations found in “ 用対策法施行規則第1条の31項第3号イ”).



kiwikid said...

Interesting...I think that would be against the law here in Australia to advertise the age required.

Anonymous said...

Age segregation is also illegal here in the UK.

Elizabeth Braun said...

That would be totally illegal in the UK! Well, actually there would be nothing stopping the university finally selecting someone of the desired age range when it came down to it, but they wouldn't be allowed to *advertise* it like this. Perhaps the Asians are more honest about it??