Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Take a Stitch Tuesday - 115 Whipped Long Tail Chain and 1 Fly Stitch

I tried the Whipped Long Tail Chain with #5 perle cotton. I think with practice this would look much better.
Sharon B at Pintangle has just begin the TAST challenge anew.  If you are interested in learning new stitches, now is the perfect time to start.   I saw that Lin at St. Victor Quilts stitched her fly stitch example on a crazy quilt block.  I've been wanting to work on a crazy quilt project for a while now, and thought this is perfect!  I hadn't put away the fabric I pulled for the Mystery Quilt, so I used the purples to make this pieced block.

I did a simple fly stitch, then added a few beads to about half of the fly stitches.  I may add something else to the rest of them later.

Check out the previously posted stitches on the Pintangle TAST page here.


Janie said...

I like your crazy block and good choice using fly stitch and beads!
I saw that Sharon B is starting TAST again, good for her.

Beth in IL said...

I did the same thing and started a crazy quilt block. Will post when it is Tuesday in the States!

kiwikid said...

Love your crazy block! Great way to practise new stitches!