Thursday, July 23, 2015

Star Wars and Bare Bear Beer Festival

We had a big long day Saturday in Sapporo. We walked 20 minutes to catch the bus to Sapporo, then took the subway to the end of the line, then rode a city bus another 15 minutes to the Sapporo Art Park, where the Sapporo Art Museum is located. 

Currently the museum is hosting the Star Wars Visions Exhibit. I’m not a big SW fan. I’ve seen two of the movies – in 1977 and in 2005.  Ted knows more about it all than me.  It was an interesting exhibit, with costumes and props, movie clips, paintings, and all things Star Wars.  I think I’d like to see the movies now.  Maybe we’ll rent the DVDs.  Photos weren’t allowed in the exhibit but we could take a few in the lobby area.

After the Art Museum, we got back on the subway and headed to the Hokkaido International School for the Bare Bear Beer Festival, which is a fundraiser for the school’s scholarships. In the park on the way to the school, Ted couldn’t resist riding the motorcycle again.  Mind you, this is before he had any beer.  I wouldn’t let him get on it after the festival.

We saw someone we met at the barbeque party and met a few new people.  It was a nice crowd of people. The festival had 43 kinds of beer and some food. We tried two kinds of beer and ate paella, vegetables, oysters, and later popcorn.

There was also musical entertainment.  The three bands we saw played some “old” music from our high school and college days, so that was fun.  We even danced!

It was a long day, but we had a good time.  I think we’ll probably go back to this festival next year.


Janie said...

There you are having lots of fun and adventures, again! That motorcycle is just over the top. Thanks for sharing.

D1-D2 said...

Looks like Ted is a kid at heart. We wanted to see the Star Wars exhibit when it came to Montreal, but had to forgo. Tickets were impossible to get and it was so crowded.

kiwikid said...

Looks like your hubby had a great time at the park!! Good day out for you!