Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Morning Star Count - The Last Lap

From our kitchen window we saw snow on the mountains when we got up yesterday morning.  Later in the day, it snowed furiously here, but the ground was too warm for it to stick.  It's officially winter, so I have to finish this quilt!

I have the last row of flowers all the way around left to quilt.  All the inside flowers are quilted. The outside hexagons still have the paper templates inside so that I can do the flip edge, so I will be quilting the inner half of each of the outside flowers.  I’m getting closer every day.

Linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts.


  1. Beautiful picture of the snow on the mountains! And what wonderful progress on your hexies. They are lovely.

  2. Good show!
    It is still plealsant 'summery' weather in Tokyo.

  3. How lovely to see snowy mountains from your kitchen window !

  4. Wonderful snowy mountains from your window.
    Your quilt is almost done. It looks so beautiful.
    Greeetings, Manuela

  5. What an amazing view to wake up to every day! Like looking at a postcard. You're stitching right along on your hexies!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Beautiful color in those mountains, some of them reflected in your quilt. Great progress!

  7. What a gorgeous view you have and the hexies are lovely

  8. Beautiful view of the mountains....your hexie quilt is looking wonderful.