Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Crazy Afternoon

Four of us got together to work on our crazy bags. We are all having a good time with this project.  We try new things and are learning new stitches and new combinations.  Whatever we do, all is good.  

I added some buttons and started working on a little rose garden, but forgot to take a picture of mine.  I'll work on it a little more and have a photo soon.


  1. Hi Pamela,the girls are going fantastic,so much fun working on projects together xx

  2. Lovely to watch these coming along. xx

  3. You are all working so hard I don't understand you have time for that snack!

  4. This kind of stitching seems to be very addictive :)

  5. Beautiful fabrics and stitching.
    Crazy quilting and friends, snack too, tons of fun.
    Thanks for sharing Pamela.

  6. I'd come along just for the snack ..... yum!
    Great stitching everyone!
    Barbara x