Sunday, August 20, 2017

How Many? - Part 1

How many stitch kits does one stitcher need?  

My little toolies were all mixed up with all the different projects I have been working on. I decided to organize them and took pictures when I did.  

This is a crazy quilt bag, with scissor cover, needle book, and pin holder.

bottom of bag

It's easy to carry along, but I rarely do.  I look at it a lot and use it as an example when looking for ideas.

How many stitch kits do you have?  What is the most important item in your take along kit?


  1. That is really pretty Pamela,I have several kits in different bags with different projexts.

  2. I agree, your sewing bag is gorgeous.
    I have a few different sewing kits.
    I think the most important piece is the scissor keeper, scissors can make holes easily.

  3. Hi Pamela,omg this is so gorgeous,that bag is so beautiful,you sure are clever my friend xx

  4. That is an adorable bag! How many kits does one stitcher need? Hmm... I'll let you know when I get there. I don't think I have too many quite yet (although my husband might disagree). Andrea

  5. Such a lovely little bag with some stunning little pieces inside.
    I only have one such little bag which was once made for me by a dear friend.

  6. I have nothing as fancy as that. I use an old cake box or a drawstring bag when I take a project out of the house. However, I have several pretty fobs, scissor covers and needle cases. Usually they have to stay at home!

  7. Gorgeous little bag and accessories!

  8. I don't have any of those nice completed set of stitching toolies yet, though I do have a few items in the work! When I take my stitching on the road, I just toss a few needles and a pair of scissors in my bag (and markers, if I need them) and hope for the of the reasons I admire your collection so much!