Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Work In Progress Wednesday - Time to Stitch

It's really nice having more time to stitch.  

This week I worked on Mary, but I'm not happy with what I've done with the pearls around her stole.  They have to be taken off and redone.

I also worked on the blue block and the purple block.  

On the pansy stumpwork piece, I made two purple petals.  I still need to make three more petals for the two pansies.

I didn't make any stitching progress on this project, but I did try to press it and got out the instruction book to read how to get started on it again.

Tell me, what are you working on this week?


  1. It seems you had a busy week, Pamela. I love the Queen Mary stitch and the pearls around the stole. I think you shouldn't take them off. Have a great week, my friend.

  2. You're making progress. It all adds up doesn't it?
    'Patience', I tell myself, 'that's how any project gets done.'
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work.

  3. Hi Pamela ,wow you sure have been busy my friend,what a shame you have to take Mary's beads off,lots of lovely work you have done Pamela xx

  4. You have worked hard! What's wrong with Mary's beads?
    I love the speckled purple Suffolk Puff that blends so well with both pieces on the cq block.
    I am struggling with Trinity Green, enjoying the Chinese Cross work and am trying to think up a small gift for someone who's going on a long trip...

  5. Oh more of my favorites-I cannot get enough of your crazy quilt imagination. I like the bead work on Mary but maybe it does not agree with some other plan you have for her?

  6. Wow! You are using your vacation time really well! :)

  7. Working on all the different projects must be fun. I also love to change projects very often, it's always very exciting to pull out another WIP and work on it. At the moment I have a Prairie Schooler project out with many different flowers. I have already finished stitching half them but right now I'm busy stitching the outlines for the cases before I get to the rest of the flowers.

  8. You're making really good use of your extra stitching time, it's exciting to see what you are working on!