Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Easy Orange

There are many different kinds of citrus fruits in Japan.  Some are easy to peel, like the mikan.  Others have a thick skin and are harder to peel.  

I was given these big, thick skinned citrus fruits and this handy dandy tool!

The tool opens up and can be taken apart.

The white side is for scoring the skin, making it easy to peel.

The orange side has a little blade to take off the outside of each section.

Amazing, isn't it?  What a great gift!


  1. Wonderful gift, great to be given fruit too.

  2. I always use it! Its name is Mukky chan. Yes,it's amazing and great!

  3. Hi Pamela what a nifty tool,nothing better than fresh fruit xx

  4. Wow - I would have had no idea what that was for. Thanks for the explanation! I'll have to have a look in Daiso and see if they have them there.

  5. Pamela: This is a great gadget, I love kitchen gadgets.


  6. I love buntan but prepping them takes all afternoon. I am really intrigued by this tool as it will make prepping it so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have a tool for pealing oranges. Makes it so easy. Terry eats oranges a lot. I am unable to tolerate the acidity. I eat a lot of summer fruits...peaches, plums...and lots berries though. Fruit is just the best..Oh, I forgot MELONS!!
    xx, Carol

  8. Be careful not to peel your own fingers, though. These peelers can be lethal weapons, but oh, yes they are handy for peeling hard-skinned citrus fruits.
    Were the 'oranges' sweet or tart?

  9. I've had a similar tool for peeling oranges. It's very handy!