Friday, April 6, 2018

Shizuoka Matsuri

Last Saturday I took the train to Shizuoka City for the Shizuoka Festival.  I wanted to go last year, but that was when I could only work and sleep due to the chemotherapy drug.  I am so thankful I have the energy to do fun things this year!  

First, I watched the parade.  I had a great street side location to see everything. All ages were in the parade in historical clothing and everyone looked like they were thoroughly enjoying the experience.  

Each horse and rider had two walkers to keep order.  

The children around me on the street were shrieking about this! I couldn't help but laugh.

Beautiful costumes, don't you think?

I was very excited to see one of my stitching friends in the parade!  Isn't she beautiful?

After watching the parade, I moved on to Sumpu Castle Park. The cherry trees were in full bloom.  There were many things to do and see.  

What a great way to spend a spring day!


NADINE said...

Such a beautiful event ! And I'm so happy that you could enjoy it :D
And those cherry trees, ooooh....
THANKS for sharing !


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela wow what a wonderful parade,so colourful and love those cherry trees,glad you are feeling so much better my friend xx

Unknown said...

The children are soooo adorable! Especially the two samurai. I wonder if the traditional footwear is comfortable on the tarmac - sports shoes they are not! Thank you so much for sharing - I love seeing the traditional clothes and horse trappings.

kiwikid said...

So good to see the children learning about their history and culture...great the horse poop cleaners were on hand!! Exciting to see your friend in the parade. Did you get a free hug??? That drum down the back is huge!! The cherry blossom is beautiful.

Ann said...

So many people in beautiful costumes and more crowds watching. Then the fabulous cherry blossoms top it off. Luck you. Glad you have your energy back to enjoy this wonderful day.

Queeniepatch said...

Fantastic parade, and I love the brassband samurai!
Did you get a free hug?