Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hitachi Spring Festival

Last Sunday, the spring festival was held where I work.  I attended last year, when it rained and the festival had to be held in the gym.  This year was sunny and breezy and lots of people turned out.  Most of the cherry trees were bare, but there were still a few petals hanging on in the wind.

I work in that building on the right.

This area was like a flea market, with all kinds of odds and ends for sale.

There was a large food vending area with all the typical festival foods, but I had just eaten breakfast, so I passed it all by.

In the big field was the mainstage area. Nothing was on stage at the time I was taking pictures, but there was a lot of entertainment throughout the day.

I think this was where the important people were hanging out.

It looked like the whole community came out for the festival!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela looks like a wonderful day you had,lovely pics you have taken xx

kiwikid said...

Good to see you had a sunny day and lots of people attending. What was the significance of the blue bird? The school students are very well behaved all walking in love lines..students here would be all over the place!!

SUWA said...

I am interesting the festival,because in general we can't go into the company.Thank you for your reports!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Fun and Sun. Perfect!

Leonore Winterer said...

I love this kind of festival, where you can just stroll around and look at things at your own time. And you had great weather too!