Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Have No Candles, But

I have a Scrappy Penny Candle Mat.  Yes, it is finished.

After getting all the pennies stitched to the scallops, I cut the backing out of the same fabric I used to back the Fish Quilt. Using DMC perle cotton #12 in color 640, I blanket stitched the felt to the backing fabric.

Here it is, front and back, finished. It's about 11 inches across.

Pineapple Birds
We had a fresh pineapple and Ted put the outside peelings on the railing of our deck for the birds.  Here are some pictures he took of them eating.

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Margaret said...

The penny mat looks great. You have put the backing fabric on so very neatly. Fancy the birds eating pineapple. It must be a real treat for them after a hard winter.