Friday, April 26, 2013

What We Need is a Little Bit of Color

The snow is melting, but it isn’t really spring yet.  I’ve seen a few crocus flowers that have popped up, but the trees aren’t budding out yet and there’s a lot of grey around.

It’s nice to get out and about and see what has been hidden by the snow.  Last fall, the temple across the street from the big shrine near city hall tore out their garden and rebuilt, but the snow fell before I could go back to see it.  We walked by there and had to take a look. It’s much nicer than it used to be.


I noticed this Jizo statue outside the walls has a ring of origami cranes around it. I don’t know why, but seeing things like this makes me so happy.


I finished what has been my train project since I’ve been in Japan – a stitch and zip kit.  I lined the stitching with a pale blue paisley print. What will I do on the train now? I have another of these teapot stitch and zip kits, exactly like the first.
I saw something recently that gave me an idea for a new project. It’s another one of those things where I don’t know just what I’m doing or how it will work; I’ve just got an idea.  Here are some of the fabrics I’ve pulled.  I think what we need is a little bit of color.

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Margaret said...

How right you are. Early Spring in Hokkaido is definitely colourless. I wonder what you will make with those bright fabrics.