Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Time to Exercise Outside

The snow is melting and it’s getting warmer.  Some days I want to say it is almost spring. The last two weeks I have been trying to walk/run outside and most days have gone in the direction of the train station. It’s a heavily traveled path, so it is clearer and the added advantage is that there is a bathroom, if needed, at the train station.

Yesterday morning Ted and I went in the direction of the garden, turning around before we got that far.  There were some places that were slick – the snow melted during the day and the water froze overnight.


We passed by the cemetery where Jizo is. It looks like someone has been trying to dig out Jizo, but it’s not uncovered yet.(You can see Jizo uncovered here).

The Iris Park that was so beautiful last June is a low area and is covered by water and snow now.


Like I said, some days I want to say it is almost spring.

Alicia went to Germany and brought me back these heart beads as omeyage.   There is a hole in the middle of each one. Aren’t they pretty?

I’m still working on the mystery bag. I’ll cut a hole in the middle of the kloster blocks for the drawstring and the scalloped edge will be the top.  Are you starting to picture it?

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