Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walking Inside

Ted and I have been cross country skiing outside as much as possible, to get ready for the cross country ski race next month, but some days there’s not enough time to get out with all the clothes and gear.

Last year the University built a new gym with an upstairs walking area. It’s just across the street from where we live, so it’s perfect when there’s not so much time to exercise.  When I go over in the morning, I’m the only one there. Later in the morning and early afternoon, I see volleyball and basketball classes held in the gymnasium. Later in the afternoon, athletes come to train and it gets kind of crowded.  I like being here in the morning best.

This is a view out the second floor window toward the soccer field.

This is a view out the first floor window – snow!  It snows a lot here and is very deep, so first floor windows have to be covered with boards to prevent the snow from breaking the glass.


Margaret said...

You sure do have lots of snow. I always used to feel sorry for people living in ground floor apartments as it was so dark in the winter. Your last photo reminds me of winters in Otaru!

Janie said...

Good for you, cross country skiing! The new gym is great, what a blessing. I think I need to get out
and take a walk today, I'm inspired.

Beth in IL said...

Wow! Now I feel bad that I don't go out when we have a little snow! But I am afraid of falling.

Queeniepatch said...

Good of you and Ted to take exercise also in winter and to use the indoor facility for really snowy days.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful facility. Good for you for walking indoors when you are short on time. Way to prioritize your health.
My dear friend, you are what we affectionately call a "fitness beast!"