Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting Ready for the Yuki Matsuri

The 66th annual Snow Festival in Sapporo begins next week with a Star Wars theme. Ted and I were in Sapporo on Wednesday and saw these preparations in Odori Park. It's amazing to see how all this snow becomes huge snow sculptures.

There were a few snow flurries in Sapporo, but when we got to the bus station, we were told all busses to our town were canceled because there was a blizzard that closed the highway.  Luckily, the trains were still running, so we did get home.


  1. Lovely to see these photos. I arrived in Hokkaido just in time for the 1979 Snow Festival so these bring back happy memories. Pleased you got home safely!

  2. The snow festival must be the highlight of winter in Sapporo. Fun to see the buildings being constructed.
    We have snow in Tokyo, too. Not a few snow flurries but no blizzard either. Brr!