Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shuri-Jo, Okinawa

When we were in Okinawa in the winter we purchased an annual passport to Shuri Castle.  The cost was only twice that of a daily ticket and we used it four times on our last trip, so we had already gotten our money’s worth out of it.  We used it several more times this trip. 

The Ryukyu history and music and dance are fascinating, so I want to go back again and again. The castle was originally built in the 1400's, was destroyed in 1945 in the Battle of Okinawa, but was restored and opened to the public in 1992.

We took a guided tour (in Japanese). I understood a little of what she said, plus Ted translated some for me.

We enjoyed the sanpin tea and ryukyu sweets, like last time.

My favorite thing is the dance.  We stayed to see several performances.

Our annual passports are good through December, so I hope we get to go back and use them again!

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Janie said...

Thanks for sharing, I feel I was there, a mini vacation, Happy Friday!