Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday - Getting Unstuck #4 - Wallet Finish

I finished the stitching on this sampler some time ago, with the idea of making it into a wallet.  You can see the finished stitched piece here.  I became stuck at that point because I wasn’t sure what to do with it to make it into a wallet. I decided I needed to just do it, and here it is.  (In the photos it looks like the flap is wider than the rest, but I think it's because it is closer to the camera.)
Front and back, closed.

Front and back, untied.

Front and back, open.

I used a blue bali print for the lining and made two sections inside. It was difficult to photograph the inside sections. 

I made the cording for around the edges and the closure tie from Waterlillies that I used for stitching the alphabets.  The tie is tacked down in one place.

Done is better than perfect. It feels good to get "unstuck" and finish these things.


Beth in IL said...

Very good! I think you did a great job. I am with you. Finished is better than perfect. I may actually "finish" some ornaments soon!

Blue Moth said...

I think it's lovely! The cording really finishes it beautifully.

Manuela said...

Lovely finish.
Greetings Manuela