Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Silk Ribbon Coin Purse Finish

The finishing directions for this kit were rather skimpy. A diagram on how to attach the fabric to the clasp would have been nice.

On my own, I was able to add a lining and I figured out how to attach it to the framing.  The lining is a kimono silk.  I made a thin cording for the handle.

Another finish!


Janie said...

Pamela, that's gorgeous, You are a textile engineer!
Your silk embroidery is lovely.

Margaret said...

Beautiful. I've never tried ribbon embroidery. Perhaps one day I will try - I like thus colour and design and a kit sounds a good idea.

Queeniepatch said...

I know how tricky it can be to attache the metal 'mouth' of the purse to the fabric. Then I bought a Japanese 'mouth' and there were good illustrations that made it very clear. WRITTEN instructions can be so difficult to interpret into pictures. Anyway, you did a great job and the purse is beautiful inside and out. One project off your list!

Manuela said...

The purse looks great. Wonderful finish.
Greetings, Manuela

Mizumatte said...

the purse is real beauty, what a job you have done. take care Jaana