Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Day in Sapporo

This week after Japanese class, we took a stroll through Odori Park.  Some flowers have been planted and the trees were beginning to bloom.

The benches were being put back in place after being stored away for the winter.

Children (and their parents) were out playing on the giant slide.

Dogs (and their people) were taking in the warm fresh air.

I told Ted I modeled for this sculpture when I was young, before we met!

After our walk through the park, we ate dinner at the Korean restaurant, then headed home.


  1. Is that all the snow that is left, (or it might not be snow at all?)?
    How quickly your world has changed from white to colourful!

  2. Sigh, it doesn't look like spring in my part of the world. I wish it would come already.