Tuesday, June 7, 2016

For My Safety - Don't Rush

Picture this -- Sunday morning and I have two minutes to get from the local train on track 2 to the Shinkansen on track 6.  I'm running as fast as the traffic will allow, taking the steps two at a time, weaving in and out of the other people.  I get to the Shinkansen platform and I trip and fall flat out.  My backpack and hair go flying over my head as I lay on the ground.  I think I might have even hit, then bounced forward.  No time to lay on the ground and cry - I see the doors on the train are starting to close!  I quickly jump up and squeeze between the closing doors just as the train starts moving.  

I limp to a seat and check out my skinned knees and bloodied palms. As I'm trying to catch my breath and stop shaking,  I see this sign on the back of the seat in front of me.  How appropriate! 

It's almost two days later and bruises have popped out on my sore knees.  My arms and shoulders are also sore - I guess from absorbing the shock of my weight as I slammed to the ground.  Most of the time I don't think of myself as being as old as I am, but I'm feeling pretty old after this fall on the train platform.


  1. I'm sorry!! I hope you get healed up and do take care!!!

  2. You poor thing! I hope you heal quickly....

  3. Hate how that happens! Hope you are healing ok and the bruises are fading.

  4. Oh dear. I do hope you are recovering- your shoulders, knees and your aplomb.

  5. What a horrible accident! Do take care of yourself!

  6. Oh Gosh. So Sorry. My next thought...but let me explain. Ever since I began suffering from sciatic issues I have taken MANY spills. MANY. As with mine, and with yours, I am amazed how people have a tendency to ignore you, or look at you without offering assistance. What the heck!!

    Hope your wounds have healed.
    xx, Carol