Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Job Opportunity in Japan

Here is a job currently being advertised.  I wish I were young enough to apply!

Togakushi Myoukou Rensan National Park

Located at 2000m elevation. Located on a map between Mt. Myoukou and Mt. Hiuchi. Located at the border of Niigata Pref. and Nagano Pref.

There is less snow there this year than in the last 20 years.

The place is not on the road system. The situation is you live at the hut.

The hut sleeps (can hold) 100 persons. Average is 20 persons per night.

Work is restaurant, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, more cooking, more cleaning, more maintenance. Work schedule is morning 3+ or so hours, afternoon 4 + hours. Primary function is cooking and serving food and doing dishes.

Pay rate is a day rate of 7000-9000 yen.
The right person can work from June 20th to October 15 non-stop. Your food and rent included. The right person can work 100 days in a row or more. 

This job is not to be taken lightly. It is serious, endless hard work at the top of the mountain. 
But at the end of the summer you will have had an excellent experience, learned a lot, seen a lot, practiced your Japanese on a lot of Japanese people, excercised a lot, and have a nice chunk of cash. 
This job is what you make of it. Bring some books. Bring a camera. Bring some sketch paper if you draw. Bring some hiking boots. Bring an open mind. Be careful. Do not catch the hut on fire. Do not get eaten by a bear.


  1. Well, young or not, I'd pass on that one. I don't do remote or bears.

  2. I think all job descriptions should include "Do not get eaten by a bear." That is great. This sounds like an awesome experience. :)

  3. A job for the young and adventurous who need a break from smartphones and playstations!

  4. Sounds like hard but enjoyable not get eaten by bears????

  5. This job would make the right person pretty darned happy! I think it would be pretty primitive for my liking. I'd have to be sure there was electricity, lol. Bears would not scare me off...but snakes would!