Friday, May 5, 2017

Boy's Day, Also Known As Children's Day

Today is a National Holiday in Japan - Kodomo no Hi.  

I posted a picture of my friend's Girl's Day display here. This is her Boy's Day display.  (She has one daughter and one son).

Another tradition for this holiday is to hang these giant fish flags, called Koinobori.  The big black one at the top represents the father, the next one (red) represents the mother, with the other(s) representing the child(ren) in the family.  

When I was out walking I saw this little boy hanging a small  koinobori next to his family's orange stand.  

Happy Children's Day!


  1. Hi Pamela sounds like a wonderful holiday,i love the idea of hanging out the fish flags,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. The flags are so colourful aren't they! Great idea for a special day.

  3. Your friend's display looks awesome, and I love the colourful flags.

  4. The first thing I did this morning, May 6th, was to pack away my 'koi-no-bori' and other Boy's Day decorations. The balcony will look a bit boring without the flying carps.