Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Golden Week Adventures 2017 - Amerika no Hi

I had Monday of Golden Week off from work, although it wasn't a national holiday.  I made it America Day just for myself.  

Most museums and public attractions are closed on Mondays in Japan, so I couldn't do any of those things.  In addition, the weather forecast said chance of thunderstorms, but I still wanted to get out and do something on my day off.  Last month, one of my students told me that the first day of every month was movie day, with discounted admission, so I decided to see an American movie in English! 

This was very much like an American Theater, with many movies to choose from and a big concession stand.  

What I didn't expect was the ticket machine. I chose Beauty and the Beast at 1:40 pm. I also had to choose my seat on the touch screen.  

I had an American fast food lunch. Last year, I had a fish meal at McDonald's and I think it was 630 yen.  This fish meal was only 550 yen.  I don't know why! 

It wasn't healthy and it wasn't even very good, but it was part of American Day.


  1. Fun 'cultural' day for you.
    Cinco de Mayo was a couple of days ago, we had corn chips and salsa to celebrate.

  2. As long as you enjoyed your day! :-)

  3. Hi Pamela interesting how you get your ticket,glad you had a fun America Day xx

  4. Whenever I felt homesick in the past I would cook something Swedish, read a Swedish book or listen to Swedish music. Sometimes we need that kind of 'medicine'.
    I think the lowered prices at MacDonalds are part of their efforts to survive in Japan, after having had some food scandals (foreign objects in the food etc...)

  5. Sounds like the movie was good, but the meal not quite so... well done on the America Day effort!

  6. Sometimes crappy fast food is just what you need, and this sounds like one of those occasions! I hope you enjoyed your movie.