Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hina Maturi in Izu-Inatori

The spring Seishun Juhachi Kippu runs from March 1st to April 10th, just in time for a new set of Japanese adventures. Five all day JR train tickets for only 11,850 yen.  

Yesterday (March 3rd) was Hina Matsuri - Girl's Day or Doll's Festival.  I decided to take the train to Izu-Inatori to experience the festival in a big way.  

These photos were taken inside the train station.  

As I walked to the first shrine venue, I saw these early blooming cherry trees and a beautiful view of the sea.  

The first shrine I visited has 118 steps and 380 dolls. There were many other visitors and it was difficult to get a good photo.  One of the volunteers took my photo with the Hina Princess.  

I walked around and up to the top to see the shrine and the view from the top of the stairway.  I also saw a monkey in a tree but I wasn't quick enough to get a photo.  

As I walked through town, I happened upon this fish and farmer's market, but I didn't buy anything.  

The second shrine was smaller than the first but still very enchanting.  

I enjoyed my day, and am already planning my next train trip.


Janie said...

Looks like the weather was good for your trip.
Lovely cherry blossoms and Hina princess! There are so many dolls, who keeps them and stores them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela what a wonderful place,your pics are amazing,such an interesting place,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

Anonymous said...

You find the coolest, most unique things to do and see in Japan. I’ve lived here 30 years and have never seen Hina dolls displayed on a temple staircase, and you managed to find two in one day! Your photos capture the wonder and beauty perfectly. I look forward to seeing your next adventure!

Lin said...

Its amazing how precisely aligned all those dolls are on the steps! Great trip. xx

Queeniepatch said...

Some 15 years ago .I went to see the 'hanging Hina dolls' that Inatori onsen is so famous for. At that time they did not have any ordinary dolls displayed at temple steps.
I found this article that is quite interesting.

roughterrain crane said...

This is the first time for me to see cherry blossoms in 2018.

Vireya said...

My mother used to have a doll like those sitting ones, that she was given by someone who had been an exchange student in Japan. Now I'm wondering whatever happened to it.

Look at that blossom! Spring is definitely on its way for you.

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow - I knew these doll setups where beautiful, but I didn't know there were such huge ones with hundreds of dolls and steps! That's quite impressive.

kiwikid said...

It must take hours to set all those dolls out, they look stunning going up the steps. Love your sea view photos.