Thursday, May 13, 2021

New 500 Yen Coin


The Finance Ministry announced that Japan will begin issuing the newly redesigned 500 yen coin in November.  The original April release date was postponed due delayed updates to ticket and automated teller machines, caused by the coronavirus pandemic

The new 500 yen coins feature two colors to prevent counterfeiting and are the first redesign since 2000. Around 200 million new coins will be minted this year. The five billion coins currently in circulation will still be usable. 

New bank notes will be released in Japan in 2024. 

How often are new coins or banknotes released where you live?


Vireya said...

That is a very nice looking coin!

During the pandemic coins and notes have been less useful as no-one wants to handle cash and many businesses are only accepting contactless card payments. So coins and notes may be a disappearing technology.

jacaranda said...

As Vireya commented, cash is disappearing. I still have an amount of notes in my purse from last year. The only coins I use are $3 for the Sunday newspaper.

Queeniepatch said...

Although more people pay by using cards or mobile phones, cash is still in great circulation in Japan. Nor do I think the pandemic has made people more fearful of handling 'virus infected' bank notes or coins.
In Sweden matters are totally different, many, many shops refuse to have anything to do with cash (to reduce the risk of hold ups of shops etc), and you can not function without a card or phone to pay for public toilets, bus fares or vegs at the market stalls.
New bank notes or coins are seldom issued in Sweden.

kiwikid said...

We get new ones now and then, we have some new plastic ones, supposedly they can't be counterfeited, lots of card transaction's here still, people got into the habit during covid and it has stuck.

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, these are pretty!

We've had the same coins since the euro was introduced in 1999. However, new bills have been phased in over the last couple years to introduce new anti-counterfeit measures.

Jeanie said...

It's a VERY pretty coin! It seems we haven't change our money in ages.