Tuesday, May 4, 2021

WIP/UFO Report

I last posted about my WIP/UFO's here.  This is my latest update. I've taken out the finished projects and added the new ones. Bold titles show the ones I have worked on in 2021. In case you are wondering, I did finish a few things - and they can be seen here.


Year 2 of the Temperature Quilt 

Year 3 of the Temperature Quilt 

Year 4 of the Temperature Quilt 

The House Quilt

The Midnight Mystery Quilt 

Flower Applique Wall Hanging

Hexagon Block Wall Quilt

The Hexie Tree Wall Quilt 

Ribbon Album Wall Quilt

Mary Queen of Scots  

Bess of Hardwick 

Paisley Purse

RSN Knot Garden 

RSN Rice Fields

The Miniature Rug 

Miniature Footstool

Miniature Chair Cushion 

Silk Gauze Cat 

EGA Drawn Thread GCC

Blue Hardanger 

White Hardanger - Linda Driscoll


Bunny Afghan

Dogwood Afghan 

Winter Banner

New Year's Eve Mystery

Sneek Sampler

Ski Children Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Tree Ornament 

Cross Stitch Heart 

Cross Stitch Little Toolie Set

Little Cross Stitch Piece

Cross Stitch Ornament 

Sashiko Table Runner


Fashionable Ladies 


Little Dragonfly Stumpwork Project

Sardinian Filet

I think visiting this list from time to time is helpful.  It reminds me what I have that is still unfinished (and also how many things are still unfinished).


Jeanie said...

I was all set to say I loved the Mola the best -- but then I saw the temperature quilts and house quilt and others and now I'm flummoxed. Not that I have to decide -- hats off to you and your beautiful work.

Sheryl said...

A lot of really beautiful work Pamela. A special mention of the pretty New Year´s Eve Mystery and the Dogwood pattern. Love the miniature chair cushion, and your knot garden makes me wonder where my unfinished attempt is. Mary Queen of Scots is perfect, I like the stitched background.

Leonore Winterer said...

You have so many interesting projects going on! I'm sure we'll see many of them coming up again.