Sunday, May 30, 2021

Questions Answered

Queenie, who posts at Queenie's Needlework has challenged me from her blog to answer some questions. Here goes - - -

What would my perfect holiday be?

This is a difficult question.  I love to travel and see new things.  I haven't been anywhere since the start of the pandemic and I do look forward to getting out and about again. I would like to take a Japanese castle tour by train and see more of the history and culture of Japan. Train travel is very easy in Japan and I always meet new people along the way. 

Osaka Castle

Where is my favorite place to walk?

I've taken some interesting walks. In 2019, I walked the Portuguese Coastal Camino de Santiago From Porto, Portugal to Santiago, Spain, and in 2016, I walked the Kumano Kodo in Japan. Near my home, I can walk along the beach in Miho or to nearby shrines and temples to see interesting things.

Camino de Santiago

What inspired me to start a blog?

Simple answer, moving to Japan. I wanted a record of my life here. I moved to Japan in December 2011 and have posted every day since. I write about my experiences in Japan, my stitching, other interesting things about Japan and stitching, my travels, and other things as they come up.

What did I miss most during lockdown? 

Japanese law does not allow for lockdowns. Some prefectures are under a "State of Emergency" meaning the number of covid cases are rising or the hospital space is limited. My prefecture has so far done pretty well and we are not under a state of emergency.  The government of Japan asks people to stay home, and that's the SOE, no lockdown.  We don't have a major city, which is probably part of our good fortune. While things are open and people are not limited, I do limit myself.  I go to work and the grocery. While I look forward to traveling again, I am otherwise happy to stay home and stitch in order to be safe.

What was the last book I read?

Climb by Susan Spann.  It is the story of an American woman and recent cancer survior who moves to Japan to reach 100 mountain summits, called the Hyakumeizan, in one year. Great book!

Thank you, for the invitation to answer these questions.  You can read Queenie's responses here. Feel free to join the conversation with your responses.


Queeniepatch said...

Thank you for answering the questions.
So you have been writing daily for 9 1/2 years! That's a great achievement.
I hope you never stop!

Vireya said...

Interesting answers. Your walk in Portugal was wonderful. I really enjoyed following you along the way.

jacaranda said...

Must read that book. I have loved following your blog on Japan. Great answers. Congratulations.

Jeanie said...

I always loveQ&A posts like this. The answers are really illuminating and I love hearing where you'd go and what you'd do!

Leonore Winterer said...

Did you ever blog before you came to Japan? It just seems that you were pretty good at it from the start!