Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Green Acres

We can’t start planting yet, but we wanted to check out the garden space any way.  We rode the bus and got off near this amusement park at the edge of town, then walked a short distance down the road to where the community garden space is. I’ve been singing the theme song from that old television program Green Acres ever since.

This is the entrance.  I don’t know what the sign says.

It’s a large area with a lot of plots for a lot of gardens.

A few days ago I wrote that our plot is two meters by three meters.  Ted says it is bigger than that.  If I weren’t illiterate, I would be able to read the information sheet about the garden space and know how big it is.  Here is Ted standing in our space.

There is a porta potty at the edge of the field.  You can bet I won’t be using it.

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